Apple owns now Google has

Apple made news in December 2015 when they registered a range of car-related domains, including for their car project.

Now Google has registered similar domain names for their own car project. Google on January 7 2016 registered both and, as reported by Zdnet.

In other Google Car related news, Road and Track now reports that the latest prototypes for Google’s self driving car now feature wipers. Not for the windscreen, but for the sensors on the roof.


Wipers on the roof-mounted sensors. Image: Google

Could Jony Ive Pull off an Apple Car?

A piece from 2015 in the New Yorker discusses Jony Ive and his love of cars:

These days, Ive flies around the world in a Gulfstream GV that Jobs once owned. He drives an Aston Martin and a Bentley. For someone whose job involves promoting a form of commodity fetishism, that’s hardly surprising.

This goes on to note that Apple would, and should only release a car if it can charge higher than commodity prices. The quality needs to be there:

Apple’s vast profits—$39.5 billion in 2014—partially disguise the fact that it operates in a manufacturing industry whose products are rapidly commoditized, and in which only market leaders make much of a return on their investments. Apple can charge higher prices than its competitors because it has a reputation, which Ive helped to create, for superior quality and superior design. If that reputation were to be tarnished, Apple’s profit margins would quickly fall.

The rest of the article is worth a read.

Photograph By Michael Kovac/Getty Images For Vanity Fair

Apple registers domain names for Apple Car

Apple in December 2015 registered three domain names for its upcoming car project, as reported by Joe Rossignol on MacRumors. The domains registered are:


There isn’t any content on these sites yet, and are likely being registered simply to prevent others squatting on the domains.

The domain name for was registered back in 2004, and is not associated with Apple in any way (at this stage!)